Mailx send email centos

Also you may get a " Sender address is not allowed. Just for general information, if you're getting the following error, you'll have to allow access of less secure apps in Google Account settings. Resolving host smtp. Connecting to Connecting to cc It is not workingproblem with this error, please let me know Resolving host smtp.

It worked. Thank you. In my virtual instance, Linux CentOS 8 works perfectly, in case you want to configure a Gmail account with 2Factors enabled, it is needed to you the app password: error received:. Learn more at smtp-server: Learn more at 5. Article to follow in Google Help Center. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 1 Stars 28 Forks 9. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website.

Linux mail and mailx Commands Tutorial With Examples and Send Email From Command Line

Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Installing mailx yum -y update.Once you get familiar to using the Linux terminal, you wish to do everything on your system by simply typing commands including sending emails and one of the important aspects of sending emails is attachments.

In this post, we will learn ways of sending an email with attachment from the Linux terminal. Importantly, there are several command line email clients for Linux that you can use to process emails with simple features. A MTA is an application responsible for sending and receiving emails from one host to another. Do you have in mind any other methods of sending emails with attachment from the Linux terminal, that are not mentioned in the list above?

mailx send email centos

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Hello, I think it missing to configure a client as an account on google to permit send emails.

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Could you guide me on what really I need to do? Got something to say? Join the discussion. Cancel reply Have a question or suggestion? Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.On Unix-like operating systems, the mailx command sends and receives mail.

It is based on Berkeley Mail 8. It is also usable as a mail batch language, both for sending and receiving mail. To send a message to one or more people, mailx can be invoked with arguments that are the names of people to whom the mail will be sent.

The user is then expected to type in his message, followed by an ' control-D ' at the beginning of a line, which signals the end of the message, and implicit approval to send it. In normal usage mailx is given no arguments and checks the user's mail out of the mail server, then prints out a one line header of each message found.

The current message is initially the first message numbered 1 and can be printed using the print command which can be abbreviated ' p '. After examining a message the user can delete ' d ' the message, or reply ' r ' to it. Deletion causes the mailx program to forget about the message. This is not irreversible; the message can be undelete d ' u ' by giving its number, or the mailx session can be aborted by giving the exit ' x ' command.

Deleted messages will, however, usually disappear never to be seen again. Commands such as print and delete can be given a list of message numbers as arguments to apply to many messages at once. Thus ' delete 1 2 ' deletes messages 1 and 2while ' delete ' deletes messages 1 through 5.

The following special message names exist:. A practical method to read a set of messages is to issue a from command with the search criteria first to check for appropriate messages, and then to read each single message by typing ' ' ' single quote repeatedly.

The reply command can be used to set up a response to a message, sending it back to the sender. Text the user types in then, up to an end-of-filedefines the contents of the message.

Other escapes will set up subject fields, add and delete recipients to the message, attach files to it and allow the user to escape to an editor to revise the message or to a shell to run some commands. The user can end a mailx session with the quit ' q ' command. Messages which have been examined go to the user's mailbox file, unless they have been deleted, in which case they are discarded.

Unexamined messages go back to the post office see the -f option above. It is also possible to create a personal distribution lists so that, for instance, the user can send mail to the word ' cohorts ' and have it go to a group of people. Such lists can be defined by placing a line like:.

The current list of such aliases can be displayed with the alias command in mailx. In mail the user sends, personal aliases will be expanded in mail sent to others so that they will be able to reply to the recipients. System wide aliases are not expanded when the mail is sent, but any reply returned to the machine has the system wide alias expanded as all mail goes through sendmail.

When an address is used to name a recipient in any of ToCcor Bccnames of local mail folders and pipes to external commands can also be specified; the message text is then written to them. Compressed folders are handled as described for the folder command below. For any outgoing attachment, mailx tries to determine the content type.Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics.

Hub for Good Supporting each other to make an impact. Write for DigitalOcean You get paid, we donate to tech non-profits. The ability to send e-mail alerts is essential for the day to day management of any VPS. For system administrators and users alikebeing able to take advantage of this [new] possibility not only makes things easier, but also provides you with many allies in your combat against thieves or downtime with triggers you can create.

In this DigitalOcean article, we are going to learn how to simply send e-mail alerts on a CentOS VPS and talk about various triggers that we can set to establish better overall security and to maintain a smooth running system all around.

How To Send E-Mail Alerts on a CentOS VPS for System Monitoring

We will do this by understanding basics of e-mail, going over the necessary applications along with examples of various e-mail alert triggers you can set and the logic behind identifying critical needs to create more.

Undeterred by the number of times we use, the complexity of sending and receiving emails is rarely thought on nor really visible due to much of the complexity being abstracted by the companies in forms of simple, online e-mail services.

The commitment for fighting spam messages made it even more so, costing a great deal of efforts for anyone who would like to simply send electronic mail messages e-mails. Electronic mail or e-mail can be considered a method or a type of message that is distributed electronically from one party to another. This does not have to be an online process spread across the internet either, as it can happen on a local network or on the same machine i.

mailx send email centos

However, when it is necessary to send e-mails over the internet, a lot of components come into play, starting with message transfer agents. An MTA application is usually shipped by default with various Linux distributions and they are used by e-mail clients to send messages between hostsusually using the SMTP protocol.

They depend on message transfer agents MTAs in order to work. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or even Gmail —which works online— are all suitable examples for mail user agents. In order to transfer messages between hosts, a common language i. Created and standardized decades ago, SMTP has become the way for sending out messages.

Today, the architecture explained above covers only part of the complex nature of exchanging e-mails. In our article, however, we are going to focus on extreme simplicity. We aim to get you up and running in a few mere minutesso that you can focus on your actual work, administrating your system and receiving alerts in your inbox. It will be the tool we use to receive alerts and system warnings. Note: Going through online documentations or forums, you might see a similar application called nail.

The two projects are sort of the same and nail is incorporated into mailx. Alternatively you can create a symbolic link point to mailx application. You can learn more about the history of mail, Mail, mailx and nail by visiting mailx history.

For symbolic link creation, please continue to read. Please note: If you are on a stable, production environment you might wish to skip this step as it could interfere with your running applications.

Getting started with mailx is quite simple. We will be using the yum package manager to download and have it installed.

Symbolic links symlink are files which consist of a reference to another, existing file. If you find yourself in this situation, you can create a symbolic linkpointing referencing to mailx.

Using this lean solution, as mentioned above, can mean that some of your e-mails might hit the spam folder. As you are aiming for a simple application for alerts, this should not be an issue.

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However, if you want increased delivery rates i.Linux has a lot of tools, services, and applications related to email. An email has a different architecture than standard client-server. We will look at a command-line based mailing application named mailx. As stated in previous paragraph email systems are bit more complex than standard client server architecture.

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There are some terms we should learn before continue. Linux distributions provides two mailx command one from the mailutils package which is installed by default and the other one is from the bsd-mailx package. In order to work properly we should install the bsd-mailx package like below. Brief help information about the mailx command can be printed with the --help option like below.

We will simply mail some text without provide extra information. This is the fastest way to mail also. There is a warning which says Null message body; hope that's ok.

We think it is ok. In previous example we have send mail to local system user ismail. While sending email there will be body part of the mail. This body part can be written by hand. But if it is long and repetitive task we do not want to do always there is an alternative. In this example body. This file may also an html file too. Keep in mind that there may be more than two recipients. As we know we can set sender name and email address explicitly.

Reply to address is used to set return address for the mail if the receiver wants to write back. This can be especially useful for automated systems where return will be do a specific email address. Attachments are crusial part of the email. Emai users generally attaches some documents, image, zip file to the emails to send to the receiver. In GUI email clients it can be easy as copy paste or selecting file. But how can we send email attachments in command line interface.

In the example we will add file name a. Up to now we have used the the local mail system. Local mail system is provided as a simple mechanism by Linux operating system.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Body and subject should be kept within double quotes. To send a message to one or more people, mailx can be invoked with arguments which are the names of people to whom the mail will be sent.

Working of mail command Linux Shell

In other words, mailx reads the content to send from standard input and can be redirected to like normal. Learn more.

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I tried it but it is givinng no response. Neither it is giving some error msg nor sending the mail to myname gmail. Do there is need for any server configuration?

mailx send email centos

Check your internet connection. I have a direct connection to the internet through cable, I don't use proxies or anything so it works on my side. You should also check for error messages in your inbox. Note, however, that uuencode is a legacy technology from a bygone millennium which does not produce what we today mean by "attachments".

It basically puts a machine-readable piece of jumble at the end of the message text. In this day and age, you would be better served by a properly MIME-aware mailer. Unfortunately, there is no universally supported mailx replacement with MIME features, but if you have muttthat's probably the path of least resistance.

mailx send email centos

Read support. Kamran Ahmad Kamran Ahmad 3 3 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges. On Mac you will receive an error from the mailx command if you use -r mailx: illegal option -- r Usage: mailx [-EiInv] [-s subject] [-c cc-addr] [-b bcc-addr] [-F] to-addr Hope my answer clarifies your doubt. Pavan Kumar Pavan Kumar 1 1 silver badge 8 8 bronze badges.

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Prasad Khode 5, 11 11 gold badges 38 38 silver badges 52 52 bronze badges. I had to separate attachments with "--" to make it work like this: echo "" mutt -s "test" -a. From the man page: Sending mail To send a message to one or more people, mailx can be invoked with arguments which are the names of people to whom the mail will be sent. Piyush Mattoo Piyush Mattoo Hari Hari 5 5 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. An except from man mail: -f [file] Read in the contents of the user's mbox or the specified file for processing; when mailx is quit, it writes undeleted messages back to this file.

The string file is handled as described for the folder command below. It depends on which version you are using. There are multiple incompatible competing mail and mailx commands with different options. Ivo Yordanov Ivo Yordanov 1 1 silver badge 8 8 bronze badges.Turkey and potatoes will be purchased the Monday before Thanksgiving. Knowing I have everything purchased is a big stress relief.

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4 Ways to Send Email Attachment from Linux Command Line

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